Artist and Author

Wrenna Monet

Wrenna Monet grew up in Petersburg, Alaska, in a small cabin with no running water or electricity to a nature loving set of hippie parents. This isolation helped fuel Wrenna’s imagination after she experienced a traumatic brain injury in 2010 off the coast of California on a commercial squid boat where she worked as a deckhand.

The almost fatal accident left her with a blood clot in her brain, a traumatic brain injury, chronic fibromyalgia, and a near complete loss of identity and permanent fibromyalgia she still deals with today and through this experience, her artistic passion blossomed and gave her a new motivation in life, that of a psychedelic performance artist. Wrenna’s memories slowly began to return, by dint of hard work, inpatient neuro-rehabilitation, determination, a positive attitude, old photos, and Facebook. She continues to reclaim her identity, thanks to good doctors, a healthy lifestyle, a great support group, and hard work. Her loss has bloomed into a beautiful view of what “magic” really means.

Her second chance at life brought with it a thirst to paint and recreate her vision with meaning and transparency. She embraces the good fortune and the blessing that it is to be alive and to have a blank canvas to start over on. Thanks to her studies with the masters, of modern visionary art and surrealism from Vienna, Italy, and Mexico, she paints art with delicate and intricate detail.

Wrenna’s art helps heal her and connects her to a new perspective in life and to understand the visions, dreams, and empathic gifts that were awakened through her trauma. She views life with a transcendental, vibrational perspective. The dimensions her brain injury have opened her up to have been awakening, inspiring and bizarre. She is inspired constantly by her visions and an enhanced sensitivity that affects how she experiences the world. She has turned these gifts into a living engine of recovery and creativity.

She has been interviewed and featured on the Love and Light podcast, and the Trevor Chapman Show, speaking on empowerment through loss and suffering. She is also a budding motivational speaker for the brain injury community, stroke survivors, and other groups.

Her goal is to help children and adults open their minds to their imagination as a means of meditation, escape and healing. She looks forward to teaching healing visionary art workshops, to continue to do murals around the world, and to help others heal and believe in themselves.

In the past years, Wrenna studied painting techniques with teachers such as David Woody, Amanda Sage, Laurence Caruana, Adam Scott Miller, Autumn Skye Morrison, Michael Fuchs and Alex Grey.

Her Mother, Father, and Grandfather inspired her through her childhood growth and opened her eyes to painting at a young age and after her accident, she returned to school to reclaim and recreate herself plus to relearn basic things she’d lost — focusing on English, speech, psychology, painting and sculpture techniques. The art of painting is her love and provides a mediation medium that offers her the means to cope with her chronic pain. It also helps her the ability to heal from the grieving of life she once had and almost a decade later, she’s embraced her rebirth with love and gratitude.


I drink rainbows for breakfast.™  

– Wrenna Monet